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About the Women Behind Aroma Dough®: Diane and Maryanne

The Inventors of Gluten Free Playdough are Diane (Sidabras) Scott and Maryanne Gallagher who invented the product back in 1992. The two California moms developed Aroma Dough® for their own children who suffered from ADHD and life-threatening peanut allergies back in 1992. They initially started mixing up batches of it in their garages and selling them in tubs at craft shows. But when they did research on aromatherapy and the olfactory benefits for children both in their moods and in sensory and fine motor development and the dangers of a wheat based diet, they knew this product was a winner. Going forward, they fine-tuned their secret recipe and put together a fully operational manufacturing plant selling nationwide as well as internationally through specialty toy shops and big name stores such as Price Club, Sam’s Wholesale Clubs The Right Start Catalog and Discovery Toys. Their Made in the U.S.A. production philosophy captured the attention of parents who want quality products for their children. After much research on aromatherapy and the benefits to children (especially those with special needs such as Celiac's Disease, ADHD, Autism, Tourette's Syndrome), Diane and Maryanne did lots of testing to come up with "kid approved" natural aromas.

Aroma Dough® is the Original leader in aroma based playdough, having started in 1992. The company is 22 years old and has been previewed in Redbook Magazine, American Baby Magazine and Parenting Special Needs Magazine and countless mommy blogs, as well as being given the product "Seal of Approval" Award. Although their children are now grown, they continue their mission to bring gluten-free, wheat-free, nut free playdough to the other millions of children around the world who can benefit from the olfactory advantages of Aroma Dough® .

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I've often been asked how we came up with the idea of Aroma Dough. Back in 1992, before anyone even knew about aroma therapy or "gluten-free", our son was diagnosed with severe allergies, ADHD and Celiac's. We developed the formula to make modeling dough gluten-free for him and we created natural aromas to include in our product. Our children have grown up, successful in spite of the challenges we faced with allergies and medical conditions. Our youngest, Stefanie, you might recognize her from the popular show "ANT FARM" on The Disney Channel, Insidious 3, JEM & the Holograms (she's vegan and natural foodie), Trent is an attorney (he still loves chocolate chip cookies) and our oldest Troy is a Golf Pro (who still has Celiac's but is a great cook). I hope I can inspire others to dream big, never take "no" for an answer and if you can dream it you can do it.

Diane (Sidabras) Scott, Inventor of Aroma Dough

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